Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with food and its healing properties.

Growing up my mother would always cook for me and explain why we use certain ingredients over others and what constitutes a healthy diet.

This growing passion over the years for food pushed me towards becoming a chef and learning different cuisines around the world, incorporating the different approaches to nutritional health I encountered.

However, in 2017 my whole life changed. Working in a high stress environment, neglecting my health and having a parasite landed me in hospital for a month and saw me reduced to a shell of my former self. My gallbladder was dangerously inflamed and my liver on its last legs. After undergoing lifesaving surgery, I knew that everything had to change.

The road to recovery was tough; testing my metal resilience, overall strength and determination. This rocky road has instilled within me a deep appreciation for the wonder of good health and a new understanding of the powerful connections and systems that power our bodies.

Fast forward four years and I’m a practicing nutritional therapist and personal trainer, using my experiences to help transform the lives of my clients. Understanding that each and every one of us is different and requires a different approach means that each programme I develop is unique to the client. By combining nutrition, training and tailored recovery and wellness therapies, you will receive your own bespoke Rebeiz Regime.